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Bibles for Christians in remote Church 

After visiting this remote church, we asked - "What do you need"  Their answer was Bibles please.  Their church building was in desperate need of repairs and the families very poor  but these things didn't matter - they just wanted God's Word. 

It was very moving to see the tears in these ladies  eyes as they distributed the bibles we brought out to the village as they had requested.

Over the years, we have worked alongside the local churches in Baucau, Taradiga and Iribin. 


We have supplied equipment such as Bibles, books, musical instruments, computers, sewing machines and sporting equipment for use in church community centres and church after school programs. Construction of multipurpose church buildings and training projects have also been completed which have enabled growth and service in the community.

These small churches would really be assisted by forming ongoing friendships with "Sister Churches" who would pray, visit and support them.  If you are interested please contact us and we can help link you up.


Church Projects

Orphanage Project

TLup currently fund an after school program that feeds and has activities for economic orphan children.  The children learn English and Portuguese, sewing, music and have a meal.


We are hopeful that with more funding we will be able to have a building team go to Baucau to build new dormitories and a separate kitchen for the orphanage. In outlying areas there are many extremely poor families who cannot afford to care for and educate their kids. This program meets that need with accommodation and activities during school term.   

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