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Our Story

Since 2004, Ian and Bev Morcombe have been involved in short and medium term work in Timor Leste. 


They became aware that there were many Australians who were motivated to assist the new nation of Timor Leste  after its long occupation and struggle for independence, but did not know where or how they could help. 


In 2007 the Morcombes formed Timor Link-up as a mechanism to link up these people to suitable projects that would put their desire to assist into action and make a difference in the daily lives of poor remote families in Timor Leste and commence livelihood project loans.

TLup's philosophy is to keep things simple and make it count on the ground. We aim to ensure that all activities honour God, empower Timorese people and make our involvement redundant.


Our TLup team is small, comprising  Ian, Bev and Orlando, our Timorese Manager who runs the day to day activities in Timor Leste, coordinating projects and managing the livelihood loans.

Where we work

Our focus is in the remote Eastern Districts of Timor Leste, 10 hours 4x4 drive from the capital. Little aid is received in these remote areas     where poverty and malnutrition are the norm.  Every dollar raised makes a huge difference to these hard working families

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